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Ottoman Empire / Rulers /
Mehmed 1 Çelebi

Sultan Mehmed 1 Çelebi

Sultan Mehmed 1 Çelebi.

(Died 1421) Sultan of Anatolia 1403-1413, and Ottoman sultan 1413-1421.
While not being among the most celebrated sultans, Mehmed 1 is still among the most important ones in the Ottoman Empire: It was him who succeeded in reunifying the dismembered territories after the defeat to Timur Lenk at Ankara in 1402. After defeating his 2 brothers, Süleyman and Isa, who had been handed the territories in west, he still had other pretenders to face, first his brother Musa and then Mustafa who also claimed to be his brother. Inside the empire there was also unrest, which Mehmed successfully crushed.

His year of birth is not known.
1403: Following the death of Bayezid 1, Timur Lenk divided the defeated Ottoman Empire between 3 of Bayezid's sons, Murad in Amasya (centre of today's Turkey), Isa in Bursa (western Turkey) and Süleyman in Rumelia (Balkans).
1404- 05: Isa is defeated and Mehmed takes control over Bursa. He then sent another brother, Musa, against Süleyman.
1410: Musa defeats Süleyman, but betrays Murad and declares himself sultan and starts reconquering the Ottoman territories in the Balkans.
1413: After joining forces with the Byzantine emperor, Mehmed succeeds in defeating Musa at Camurlu. He declares himself sultan in both Anatolia and Rumelia.
1416: Walachia (equals today's Romania) becomes a vassal state under Mehmed.
— A revolt led by Belreddin is crushed.
1417: Wins territories in Albania.
1421 May 26: Dies in Edirne.

By Tore Kjeilen