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Ottoman Empire / Rulers /
Mustafa 4

Sultan Mustafa 4

Sultan Mustafa 4.

(1779-1808) Ottoman sultan 1807-1808.
Mustafa is generally considered to have been a very conservative ruler, and easily the victim of influences from important elite groups in the empire. He was much controlled by the Chief Mufti and the Janissaries. He brutally ended the reforms started by Sultan Selim 3, and the key figures who didn't manage to escape were murdered.


1779 September 8: Born in Constantinople.
1807 May 29: Mustafa becomes sultan after that his uncle, Selim 3 is deposed. He puts him in royal prison.
1808 July: Grand vizier Bayraktar Mustafa Pasha of Bulgaria marches with an army of 40,000 men on Constantinople, with the aim to restore Selim to power.
July 29: Before Bayraktar Mustafa reaches Constantinople, Mustafa orders that Selim be strangled, as well as his own brother Mahmud. But Mahmud escapes, and Bayraktar Mustafa has Mustafa 4 deposed and replaced with Mahmud 2.
1808 November 17: Is strangled in Constantinople, by the order of the sultan, his own brother.

By Tore Kjeilen