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Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel

1. Stepping inside

2. Temple of Hathor

3. Saved in 1964


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Temple of Hathor

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel

Even at his wife's temple, Ramses 2 dominates. Of the 6 statues in front, all about 11,5 metres high, 4 are of him, and only number 2 and 5 are of Nefertari. Similar to the main temple, smaller statues of their children are arranged in pairs around the feet of the larger statues.
Over the entrance, there is a frieze of cobras.
The organization of the temple is very simple, compared to other Egyptian temples, with only one columned hall and vestibule and only two lateral chambers.
In the Hypostyle Hall, there are 6 pillars, with Hathor's capitals at the top. In this sense, this temple shows far more respect for the deities revered than Ramses' temples. But all over the walls, Nefertari and Ramses are depicted in different settings, proving their greatness. Especially noticeably are the scenes where Ramses kills his enemy to the admiration of his wife and the god Amon.
The Sanctuary contains a striking statue of a cow, coming out of the wall.
Abu Simbel

By Tore Kjeilen