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1. The Grand Entry

2. A new type of temple

3. Great reliefs

4. Dark chambers

5. Osireion

6. Where Egypt began?


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The Grand Entry

Seti 1's temple at Abydos resembles Hatshepsut's temple in Luxor. Still it looks quite different. In both temples one arrives by walking up ramps that rise slowly, and you can vividly imagine how a religious procession would slowly proceede, while rythms and music was played loud.
The appearance of this temple is much a result of central parts disappearing over time. The actual facade, the one single pylon, is gone, and so is also the colonnaded walls at the end of the forecourt. Also, parts of the present facade is modern, crude reconstruction in concrete. It is still quite possible to see where the original forecourts were, and the extent, from the few remains.
Still it looks fantastic, and perhaps they way things have turned out, Abydos has one of the most dramatic entries.

By Tore Kjeilen