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1. The Grand Entry

2. A new type of temple

3. Great reliefs

4. Dark chambers

5. Osireion

6. Where Egypt began?


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Great reliefs

Abydos, Egypt

For most visitors the main attraction of the temple at Abydos are the bas-reliefs which in many cases are of sensational quality. As Seti died before the temple was completed, it would fall upon his son, Ramses 2, to oversee the remaining building process.
And there is clear a difference in the quality of the bas-reliefs between the two periods. Seti's are finer and more elegant, Ramses' are crude and hasty. The reason is that Ramses moved the best craftsmen to his own temples, leaving the lesser craftsmen to work in Seti's temple. But even with Ramses' effort during this almost 70 year reign, Seti's temple was never finished.

In the design, the reliefs of Seti are linked to the Old Kingdom. It is suggested that this was a political move of Seti, Old Kingdom designs were of Lower Egypt, while Seti ruled from Theben in Upper Egypt.
For examples of complete and excellent reliefs, the inner Hypostyle Hall is the place to head, and there is even more in the inner sanctuaries.
In the outer Hypostyle Hall, look out for the "Abydos helicopter". In a section high up, there are carvings that resemble very much a helicopter, as well as a sort of a submarine and two more things that resemble modern vehicles of some sort.

By Tore Kjeilen