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1. Slow days

2. Night coming

3. Slow eating

4. The Lagoon

5. Blue Hole

6. Ra's Abu Galum


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Blue Hole

Dahab, Egypt: Blue Hole

The Blue Hole, a few km north of Dahab, is probably Egypt's most infamous diving spot. The hole is a shaft that starts just a metre below the surface of the sea. The dark zone on the photo above is the place.
It goes 80 metres straight down, and the main trip for experienced divers is to dive down to a depth of 60 metres, then pass through a tunnel to the outer edge of the reef before returning to the surface.
People die here almost every year, mainly from nitrogen narcosis. It is apparently too easy to start diving all by yourself. This should only be done after years of training or with an experienced guide next to you.
But the Blue Hole is not only for divers, it is chillingly fascinating for snorkelers too. The corals are colourful, fish abundant, and you can tickle your nerves by swimming along the edge of this hole which has no visible bottom. Dahab, Egypt: Blue Hole

By Tore Kjeilen