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1. Slow days

2. Night coming

3. Slow eating

4. The Lagoon

5. Blue Hole

6. Ra's Abu Galum


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Ra's Abu Galum

Ra's Abu Galum, Egypt

Ra's Abu Galum, Egypt

Ra's Abu Galum is a nice camel ride north of the Blue Hole. It is a genuine bedouin village, with ramshackle huts on a sandy bank next to the ocean. There might be a few hundred people living here.
What is perhaps most rememberable with the place are the boys and girls playing naked on the beach, swimming like dolphins, and appearing totally free. Their attitudes resemble little the strict rules of relations between men and women in the rest Egypt. But when puberty comes their freedom gets terminated by marriage.
A trip to Ra's Abu Galum includes swimming, snorkeling on the local coral reef and eating grilled, local fish.
Ra's Abu Galum, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen