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1. Slow days

2. Night coming

3. Slow eating

4. The Lagoon

5. Blue Hole

6. Ra's Abu Galum


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Eat and Sleep
Dahab is a great place for eating, but hotels are not up to the standard.
Dahab offers mainly very basic accommodation, the few middle class hotels have a dull touch. But the clue here is to settle for the simple standards, and enjoy everything else. The restaurants, the clubs, the large gardens and the fabulous atmosphere.
The rooms will either be shared or more basic than a Western European prison cell. Prices are fine though. It is all intended for young people, who often are so stoned when they go to sleep that they would not have noticed any luxury any way.
There are some expensive hotels south of town centre, near the lagoon, these places cater for families. They are comfortable but detached from Dahab's charm.
But forget that boring hotel room, and head out into Dahab's laid-back evening- and nightlife. Practically all restaurants here follow the same concept. They are open-air places next to the beach. and you will be seated on large pillows right on the ground. You may pick out the fish of the night from stands at the entrance, and when you finally finish your meal, you can stay as long as you like.

Getting to and from Dahab is done by either taxis (easy to find, and not terribly expensive) or buses (limited departures, much cheaper than taxis). Check one day in advance.
Day trips from Dahab are easy to find, and there is enough competition in town to secure you from being ripped off. You can choose between 4WD excursion into the mountains of Sinai, camel trips up along the coast, or boat trips to diving grounds off the coast. The latter are a bit expensive.

Diving courses
Guide books and many travellers rave about how much money they save by getting a diving course in Egypt. Prices start at US$350 all included. You should check ahead if this really is cheap for you.
In my native Norway, one of the most expensive countries in the world, prices start at US$320, and then you can feel sure that you have not ended up in the hands of a bad instructors. And Sinai has just as many bad instructors as good. And you will not either get instruction in cold-water diving, which all divers should get a grip of.

By Tore Kjeilen