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1. The Red Pyramid

2. Interior

3. The Bent Pyramid

4. Pyramid satellite

5. Details

6. Amenemhet 3 pyramid

7. Sesostris 3 pyramid


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Interior of the Red Pyramid

Climbing down the Red Pyramid, Dahshur, Egypt

No optic distortions here, the passage downstairs is just as claustrophobic as it looks. Actually, it is worse, since this photo is lit up by the flash. There is no artificial lighting here, and it gets as dark as dark gets before you reach the bottom. And then it is just as dark before you arrive in the second antechamber.

The actual burial chamber of the Red Pyramid, Dahshur, Egypt

The ceiling of the actual burial chamber. Notice the cut wounds of the stones.

The interior of the pyramid is open to the public, with the entrance quite high up from the ground. You will have to pass a 62 metre long passage that is only 1 metre high. It can feel unpleasant to tall people.
There are 3 chambers to explore: modest and impressive at the same time. The fineness of the masonry is spectacular considering what the world had seen before. Yet it is extremely simple and musty. The photo should clearly indicate this.
Many visitors to the pyramid believe that the last of the two antechambers is the actual burial chamber. This reflects the actual intent of the builders. This chamber is designed to impress, it was filled with valuables, hoping that robbers would never discover the sealed off passage leading to the last chamber, where the pharaoh had been put to rest.
The last antechamber inside, before the climb up to the burial chamber. Red Pyramid, Dahshur, Egypt

The last of the two antechambers, 12 metres high. The staircase leads to the actual burial chamber.

By Tore Kjeilen