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1. The Red Pyramid

2. Interior

3. The Bent Pyramid

4. Pyramid satellite

5. Details

6. Amenemhet 3 pyramid

7. Sesostris 3 pyramid


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Dahshur is easily explored while you stay in Cairo, lying a mere 6 km south of Saqqara. But it could also be explored on a journey which ends in Fayoum, allowing you to see the little visited, yet remarkable pyramids this south: Meidum, Hawara, Lisht and Illahun.
The best way of getting out here from Cairo is to rent a taxi for the day. Be clear about that you will take your time here, and expect to pay EŁ80-100 for it all.
Should you opt for public transport, the town of El-Badrasheen is the main hub. You can reach this fairly easy from Cairo or Giza (ask at your hotel), then catch a microbus to Dahshur village. From here, it is 2 km to the entrance. Note that going back, you should not leave Dahshur village later than 17.00 as most microbuses then call it a day.
A third alternative is walking from Saqqara, including South Saqqara en route. Expect to use 2 hours, plus stops.

By Tore Kjeilen