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1. Al-Qasr

2. The Friday Mosque

3. The madrasa

4. Street scenes

5. The museum

6. Qalamoun

7. Ottoman tombs

8. Mut

9. The ancient city

10. Deir el-Hagar

11. Muzawaka Tombs

12. Magic spring

13. Fish pond

14. Rashda

15. Budkhulu

16. Bashendi

17. Balat

18. Gedida


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Bashendi village

Bashendi, Dakhla Oasis, Egypt

Bashendi, Dakhla Oasis, Egypt

Bashendi, Dakhla Oasis, Egypt

The draped coffin of Pasha Hindi, inside the sanctuary, the focal point and pride for Bashendi.

Bashendi, Dakhla Oasis, Egypt

The man Kitnes being greeted by gods. From the Tomb of Kitnes.

In Bashendi village you will find one of the most colourful and well-kept old towns in Dakhla; there are mud-brick houses in many different colours and narrow lanes set in a luscious oasis. But Bashendi is more, it has a selection of interesting and old sights. The most important is a sanctuary of the holy Muslim man called Pasha Hindi, who as his name indicates may have been of Indian origin. It is after him that the village has been named.
Next to the sanctuary are some empty sarcophagi and a Roman-period tomb-temple, called Tomb of Kitnes. Inside the man Kitnes is depicted as meeting the desert gods Min, Seth and Shu.
Bashendi also makes a claim to fame by its production of carpets, embroideries, baskets and dresses, all according to old patterns. You won't have to search for this, vendors will spot you as you arrive along the only road into the village. If you have time you can accept the invitation to enter the schools and production facilities.
Bashendi, Dakhla Oasis, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen