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1. Al-Qasr

2. The Friday Mosque

3. The madrasa

4. Street scenes

5. The museum

6. Qalamoun

7. Ottoman tombs

8. Mut

9. The ancient city

10. Deir el-Hagar

11. Muzawaka Tombs

12. Magic spring

13. Fish pond

14. Rashda

15. Budkhulu

16. Bashendi

17. Balat

18. Gedida


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Eat and Sleep
Mut is really cheap for its hotels, and more expensive for eating. In town hotels go from crampy 1 or 2 star places and down. The best of these simple hotels are so cheap that the cheapest ones are only for those on a minimal budget.
Slightly out of town there are a couple of expensive and much more comfortable options. Most options are very basic, most hotels rent out beds in dorms, and plumbing can be unreliable. Al-Qasr has one extremely basic hotel, one of those places with friendly staff and the filthy linens.
There are many small restaurants in Mut. Most are generally empty, but Arbi's place is quite popular, and serves simple but tasty food. Prices are high compared to what you get and the looks of the place.

Getting to and from Dakhla is fairly simple, and usually done by bus. If you are going in direction Kharga, there are several departures a day, while the Farafra/Bahariyya direction is served with only 3 departures a week. Mini buses leaves when the are full, allowing you some flexibility.
Service taxi are an option, but the few there are, mainly leave in the morning.
Moving between the settlements of Dakhla is best done with Mut as your base. There are less departures through the day than you might expect, but hitching or getting on a pickup is a clear option. If you want a taxi for the day, arrange this from nowhere else than at the tourist office. Prices start at EŁ100 for one person/one day. If you are a group you pay extra for every seat. Prices at the hotels are 2 or 3 times higher, and offer nothing extra.

Going Next
300 km northwest: Farafra
190 km east: Kharga

By Tore Kjeilen