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1. The temple

2. Inside the sacred

3. Christian basilica

4. Remains of houses


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The temple

Dush, Egypt

The temple of Dush (known as Kysis) was built in the 1st century CE, and dedicated to the gods Isis and Serapis. It has since 1967 been beautifully restored, and it also has a great location. It overlooks the all of the eastern valley below former Kysis. The temple appears to be unusually narrow, giving it a feeling of being long. There are two hypostyle halls, both with entrances in near perfect condition. On the photo below is seen the first entrance; the inscriptions are hardly touched by the near 2,000 years which has passed.
Most columns have been knocked down, but large pieces lie around. Note that the eastern side seems to have been without a wall, as allowing the fertile lands below to have been visible during during ceremonies.
Dush, Egypt

Dush, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen