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1. The temple

2. Inside the sacred

3. Christian basilica

4. Remains of houses


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Inside the sacred

Dush, Egypt

Dush, Egypt

Dush, Egypt

The last and smallest building of the temple was as always the holiest part. Here the divine figures lived, here the highest priests performed daily rituals. According to the world view of the locals, this was the place where the safety and prosperity of all of Kysis was preserved.
The inner building is almost intact. The columns stand as they used to, the roof is complete. But the wall decorations have not survived centuries of sand storms.
The casing of the roof is complete, and it is easy to climb up. I discovered that the temple of Dush will not survive big-scale tourism: the casing is porous and falls off when you walk across it.
Dush, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen