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1. The temple

2. Inside the sacred

3. Christian basilica

4. Remains of houses


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Christian basilica

Dush, Egypt

Dush, Egypt

The Christian basilica is the first you see when arriving at Dush. It lies on the highest point here, a place you would have imagined that the older Roman temple would have claimed. Despite its younger age, its condition is completely inferior to the temple.
But there is one interesting similarity with the temple, the basilica is also very narrow. During service it can hardly have houses more than 40-50 persons during service. Another similarity is more common; the church was also arranged with one room for the holiest, then a room for laymen, and a courtyard in front.
The basilica is made of mud-brick (second photo for close-up details). I could not see any traces of any casing, but that must have been the case. The mud-brick was not terribly good for paintings or other decorations.
Dush, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen