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1. Beautiful gardens

2. Keyhole-shaped wells

3. Traditional houses

4. Holy tomb


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Hotel Badawiya, Farafra, Egypt

The pool of Hotel Badawiya.
Eat and Sleep
While there isn't much of hotels to choose from, Bahariya has got exactly what a true oasis should have: A delicate hotel built according to local traditions. It even has a swimming pool, which at least resembles some of the pools built around the natural wells of Farafra. And there's nothing wrong with the price either. The Badawiya is highly recommended!
Food is better in Farafra than in the other Western Desert oases, but not great. The best meals are at the Badawiya, and at least they try to make an effort, and serve with friendliness and an attempt on elegance. In town food is cheaper, but boring.

There are fair connections with Bahariyya and Cairo in the north, and Dakhla, Kharga and Assyut from the southern bound road. But the pavement is often in bad condition, so you should be careful if you drive yourself.

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By Tore Kjeilen