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1. Medinet Madi

2. Qasr Qarun and Dionysias

3. Karanis

4. Lake Qarun

5. Wadi Rayan

6. Fayoum City

7. Water wheels

8. Qasr el-Sagha

9. Umm el-Baragat

10. Dimai

11. Monastery of Gabriel


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Water wheels

Water wheels of Fayoum Oasis, Egypt

Fayoum has a great number of water wheels, perhaps as many as 200. This was an important addition to Fayoum's economy in the 3rd century BCE, allowing the stream of the river to have water lifted up to a level where it could be transported into the fields for irrigation.
The two best places to see water wheels are either in Fayoum City, which has 4 standing next to another. 3 km north of town, there is a cluster of 7 water wheels.

By Tore Kjeilen