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1. Medinet Madi

2. Qasr Qarun and Dionysias

3. Karanis

4. Lake Qarun

5. Wadi Rayan

6. Fayoum City

7. Water wheels

8. Qasr el-Sagha

9. Umm el-Baragat

10. Dimai

11. Monastery of Gabriel


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Hotels and alternatives
Fayoum city's selection of hotels are mainly 1 star or less, with one 3 star exception. Out of the main city there are a few more elections, and one high standard hotel. Prices are OK.

Restaurants and alternatives
The selection of nice restaurants in Fayoum resembles the selection of hotels. But the hotel restaurant at Queen Hotel does a decent dinner in fine surroundings (but without a single window), but they should learn to put on some music when both hotel and restaurant is empty.
Your best choice in Fayoum is one of the many stylish fast food joints. Some of these are sit-down places, and although their interior seem to be inspired by McDonald's, they actually serve good food.

Of reasons described below, moving around Fayoum is best done by taxi. Moving around 2WD destinations should cost EŁ200 or less (I paid 200, but am not a great haggler) for 1-3 travellers.
Getting to and from can be done either by bus, minibus, train or hired taxi. There is no specific rule to what is best, ask at your hotel for information.

Police and Security
Over recent years, Fayoum has of some odd reason joined the rest of the Nile south of Cairo in having police control every movement of Western visitor. This involves that you will most likely have to hire a taxi for travelling, and get a police man get into the front seat. This is not all bad, most of the police men try to help you as much as they can.

Local destinations
Travelling time
Best with

Lake Qarun 20 km N 30 min Car, taxi Local buses

Qasr el-Sagha 80 km N by NE 2-3 hours 4WD car -

Dimai 60 km N by NE 1.5-2 hours 4WD car Rowing boat

Karanis 25 km NE 30 min Bus Car, taxi

Umm el-Brigat 50 km S 1.5 hours 4WD car -

Monastery of Archangel Gabriel 35km S 1 hour 4WD car Local bus + walking

Medinet Madi 40 km W 1 hour Car, taxi Local buses

Qasr Qarun 35 km NW 1 hour Car, taxi Local buses

Wadi Rayan 60 km W by NW 1.5 hour Car, taxi -

Pyramid at Hawara 15 km W 30 min Car, taxi -

Pyramid at Illahun 25 km W 50 min Car, taxi -

Pyramid at Meidum 40 km W 1 hour Car, taxi -

Going Next
Travelling time
Best with

Cairo 80 km N 1h 15min Bus Train

Monastery of St. Anthony 180 km E 2.5-3 hours Car, taxi Bus + hitch hiking

Minya 150 km S 2h 30min Car, taxi Bus

By Tore Kjeilen