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2. Beaches

3. Almost a village

4. Canals

5. The Marina

6. Golf in town


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Hotels and alternatives
Hotels range from 3 stars and up. Value for money is good, but individual travellers should note that the walk-in price on the best hotels are 2 to 3 times higher than what charter tourists pay.
Al-Khan Hotel is recommended for individual travellers.

Restaurants and alternatives
Eating in El-Gouna is both good and affordable, and with a wide range of restaurants. Considering that everything here caters for travellers, I would say that it is surprisingly cheap.

Night life
Although El-Gouna only has a handful of discos and nightclubs, it might still be the best place in the country for dancing and drinking with Egyptians. Prices are cheap compared to Western countries, and OK compared to other places in Egypt.

El-Gouna has an 18 hole golf course, and several of the hotels offer parasailing, water skiing and windsurfing.

Almost everything inside El-Gouna is within walking distance. Should you need it, there are small moped taxis, called Tok Tok.
The most frequent connection to a nearby town, is with Hurghada. This bus leaves about every 30 minutes. El-Gouna has good intercity connections with Cairo and Suez.

Shopping in El-Gouna is almost as good as in Hurghada's Sigala quarter, about the same as in Hurghada's Dahar quarter and better than in Sharm el-Sheikh and Dahab. El-Gouna also has a selection of chic shops for clothes and furniture.

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Travelling time
Best with

Suez 360 km N 3.5 hours Bus Car

Cairo 500 km NW 5 hours Bus Car

Hurghada 50 km S 1 hour Bus Taxi, car

Sharm el-Sheikh 150 km E 4 hours Bus to Hurghada + boat Bus (10 hours)

By Tore Kjeilen