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1. Interior of pyramid

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Interior of Pyramid of Amenemhet 3

Pyramid of Amenemhet 3 at Hawara, Egypt

Pyramid of Amenemhet 3 at Hawara, Egypt

If you try to get into the burial chamber of the pyramid you won't get very far. As with many other late pyramids, the burial chamber was set close to the ground water level. And since antique times this level has risen.
Petrie excavated it all in the late 19th century, and his accounts tell about a corridor that twists and bends more than usual and which has more chambers than most other pyramids. At one point the passage leads upwards.
But the real attraction lies with the burial chamber. Everything except the ceiling is cut from one single stone, weighing something like 110 tons. This makes this one of the heaviest, if not the heaviest single stone ever used in a pyramid.
A unique technique was used to seal the chamber off. Slabs were placed upon sand, and when the sand was removed from the side galleries, a gigantic roof block descended until it rested on the first even larger stone. Over all of this a mudbrick vault and triangular lintels.
All in all, Amenemhet 3 had built the greatest burial chamber of all pyramids, but nobody gets to see it.

By Tore Kjeilen