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1. Dahar

2. Sigala

3. Out to the islands

4. Shopping

5. Beach life

6. The other side

7. Anfish Mountain


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Out to the islands

Giftun Island, Hurghada, Egypt

Boats out to the islands off Hurghada, Egypt

Islands off Hurghada, Egypt

Boat trips out to the coral reefs and islands like the Giftun, are commonly sold all over Hurghada. Thanks to the condition of the corals along the beaches, this seems to be the only way to see colourful corals. You know, like what we see in the nature shows.
What a disappointment! Can I put in more exclamation marks? The corals remaining out here are so run-down, that there is virtually nothing to see. The whole snorkelling-Hurghada-coral thing is as sad as a drug addict. Just a few reefs are still fine.
And local authorities and the people in the tourism industry are to blame. Strict regulations as to what to do and not do would have saved a lot. It could have been a great thing, you can see water bottles and cigarette packs even when they are 10 metres down.
And you cannot access the islands, they are protected. I wonder why, they are mainly barren rocks which will kill your sandals.
Snorkelling near the islands off Hurghada, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen