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1. Dahar

2. Sigala

3. Out to the islands

4. Shopping

5. Beach life

6. The other side

7. Anfish Mountain


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Shopping street in Dahar, Hurghada, Egypt

From Dahar.

Shopping street in Dahar, Hurghada, Egypt

From Dahar.

Shopping window in Sigala, Hurghada, Egypt

Perhaps not the most successful window dressing of Sigala?

From Sigala, Hurghada, Egypt

So which monkey do you want? From Sigala.

Dahar has a colourful, and quite attractive, range of tourist stalls. Yet, this is not the place to buy your souvenirs, not at least before you have been to Sigala.
At Sigala, competition has brought prices down to a good level in Sigala, which means anything between 10% and 50% of Dahar's prices! From my own travels around Egypt, Sigala seems to be the only tourist trap with a price level on its souvenirs in the same range as Cairo's Khan el-Khalili.
A few of the shops have fixed prices, great for all those with fear of being ripped off (and all first time visitors to Egypt should be afraid of that).
So do you get local souvenirs, things made by local bedouins? There may be an item or two around, but 95% of everything here is made at factories elsewhere around the whole country. A few of the specialized shops sell things which are imported from countries as far away as Morocco. If you ask about origins, most shopkeepers will tell you the truth about the origins.

By Tore Kjeilen