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1. Dahar

2. Sigala

3. Out to the islands

4. Shopping

5. Beach life

6. The other side

7. Anfish Mountain


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The other side

Backstreets of Hurghada, Egypt

Backstreets of Hurghada, Egypt

Backstreets of Hurghada, Egypt

Despite years of tourism to Hurghada, many quarters are poor and living conditions as bad as they seem. Much of the tourism industry here is run by people from other places in Egypt with longer tourism history, especially Luxor. Also, wages here are not great, there is a reason why Hurghada is cheap!
Just a few places, some of the older charm still comes alive, like on the top photo. The place to look is northwest of the Anfish Mountain. People here are friendly, too, although many will run into their houses when a foreigner walks by. Strange, just 100 metres away, tourism runs at full speed.

By Tore Kjeilen