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1. Dahar

2. Sigala

3. Out to the islands

4. Shopping

5. Beach life

6. The other side

7. Anfish Mountain


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Hotel in Hurghada, Egypt

Sand Beach Hotel is one of the cheaper beach hotels in Hurghada, and offers quite good value for money even for independent travellers.

Hotel in Hurghada, Egypt

If you want it cheap, Hurghada can be dirt cheap. Many adequate hotels around town has prices down to EŁ30 per person a night.

In a restaurant in Hurghada, Egypt

The Portofino Restaurant in Ad-Dahar offers what may be the most delicious meal in all of Egypt; sea food fondue. You need to be two to order it, but at a price of about EŁ50 it is a steal.

Welcome to Hurghada, Egypt

Who cares about first impressions? The airport of Hurghada confirms many peoples' ideas about inefficiency in this part of the world. Even with choking queues, only half the booths are open, officials walk around wondering what to do.

Eat and Sleep
Hotels are abundant, and Hurghada is presently suffering from over-capacity. This involves that finding hotel room even in high season should not offer much of a problem. Hurghada has luckily all ranges of hotels, from the simple but adequate to the posh and expensive. In total, Hurgahda could be well above 100 different hotels.
Eating in Hurghada is by far best done in Ad-Dahar. In Sigala reasonable choices are within reach. In New Hurghada, few restaurants are found outside the hotels.

Sports and Activities
Fishing is well organized, and equipment and boats to bring you out to the best fields. Expect that one days pleasure will cost you in the range of US$15.
Diving is even better organized, and you can both pass a course for all international certificates. The total cost here would be in the area of US$300 or more. As for hiring of equipment, a daily cost should be budgeted for US$20 per day.
Snorkeling is a good choice if you get out to one of the islands off Hurghada. With the trip and the simple equipment, expect to pay US$15 per day.
Submarine trips, with the yellow Sindbad submarine, will cost around US$60 for a one day trip.
Wind surfing and jet skis are also available. It is not all that cheap, really. US$50 per day would be realistic when planning your costs.

Air planes: Hurghada has domestic flights on Cairo, one each way per day. Hurghada has also many flights on Europe, but these are all chartered.
Buses: Hurghada has connections with Cairo (7 hours), Suez (5 h), Qena (3 h), Luxor (5 h), Al-Quseir (2 h), as well as to smaller destinations. There are great differences in quality between these, and prices reflect this. Departures are relatively frequent.
Taxis: Taxis do most of the same as buses, but cost 10-20% more, but are faster, much because they rarely stop en route.
Ferries: Ferries between Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh do not have the best of reputations. They are irregular and not comfortable. The trip will at the best take 4 hours, and cost US$25 one way.

Going Next
50 km north: El-Gouna
175 km southeast: Quseir
75 km northeast: Sharm el-Sheikh (sea)
400 km north: Suez
500 km northwest: Cairo
225 km southwest: Qena

By Tore Kjeilen