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Trying to get in

Pyramid of Sesostris 2 at Illahun, Egypt

Pyramid of Sesostris 2 at Illahun, Egypt

The architect of the pyramid, Anupy, employed quite new plans for the burial chamber. As a matter of fact he anticipated the rock hewn tombs of later pharaohs, as he dug the trench and the chambers into the ground. The pyramid lies over this and the mound, the burial chamber and the pyramid never touches.
The entrance is placed on the outside of the pyramid, 30 metres from the southeastern corner. It digs 16 metres straight down before hitting a 60 metre long corridor passing through 3 chambers before reaching the burial chamber placed right above the ground water.
Right before the burial chamber three is a new and surprising element: A corridor circumambulates the chamber before returning to it. It is believed that this all is symbolic for Osiris, creating an subterranean island.
Unfortunately, the inner structure is closed to the public.
Pyramid of Sesostris 2 at Illahun, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen