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1. Bagawat Necropolis

2. Interiors of Bagawat

3. Temple of Hibis

4. Temple of Nadura

5. Qasr el-Ghweita

6. Qasr el-Zayan

7. Ain Umm Dabadib

8. Qasr el-Labeka

9. Ed-Deir

10. Modern oasis city


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Qasr el-Ghweita

Qasr el-Ghweita, Kharga Oasis, Egypt

Qasr el-Ghweita has one of the nicest locations around Kharga Oasis, on top of a circular mountain. Walking up to the temple, it looks impressive and massive. Which probably was the intent back in the days of villains and competing tribes.

Qasr el-Ghweita, Kharga Oasis, Egypt

Entrance to the temple.

Qasr el-Ghweita, Kharga Oasis, Egypt

Standing inside the holiest of the holy, looking out, you actually see right through the fortified village and into the valley below. Impossible to catch on photo, but really a nice view.

About 20 km south of Kharga is the temple Qasr al-Ghweita built between 250 and 80 BCE. It was dedicated to the Theban triad Amon, Mut and Khonsu.
According to some guide books, it is in a very ruinous state. This is fortunately not true. The 10 metre high walls are nearly intact, the houses have high walls still standing and the temple is about as complete as any other popular ancient destination in Egypt. Even large parts of the surrounding village can be seen.
Qasr el-Ghweita, Kharga Oasis, Egypt

Around the temple there was a village that must have housed a couple of hundred persons. Some buildings are in about as fine condition considering the age of more than 1,500 years.

By Tore Kjeilen