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1. Bagawat Necropolis

2. Interiors of Bagawat

3. Temple of Hibis

4. Temple of Nadura

5. Qasr el-Ghweita

6. Qasr el-Zayan

7. Ain Umm Dabadib

8. Qasr el-Labeka

9. Ed-Deir

10. Modern oasis city


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Qasr el-Labeka

Qasr el-Labeka

The Qasr el-Labeka was built by the Romans, yet largely implementing traditional building techniques. It was on the old caravan routes, and in its heyday the surrounding area was green and and with water. Water was carried by an aqueduct that still stand, but which is silted up.
It lies along a seasonal river (wadi) on an escarpment. The outer walls are 12 metres high and quite imposing.
The location for this and the Ain Umm Dabadib is both part of the attraction and the reason why so few venture out here. The journey goes across real desert, and is only done by 4WDs, which arranged from tour operators in Kharga is expensive.
Qasr el-Labeka

By Tore Kjeilen