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1. Bagawat Necropolis

2. Interiors of Bagawat

3. Temple of Hibis

4. Temple of Nadura

5. Qasr el-Ghweita

6. Qasr el-Zayan

7. Ain Umm Dabadib

8. Qasr el-Labeka

9. Ed-Deir

10. Modern oasis city


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The modern city and oasis

Kharga Oasis, Egypt

One of few examples of traditional elements in urban Kharga. These are private homes, apparently dating back to an early stage of modern development of Kharga.

Kharga is the most modern of all settlements of the western oases, planned according to ambitious plans. Wide boulevards, discrete modern block with wide space around them. It might not be interesting to foreign visitors, but Kharga is a popular place to live. Downtown, colourful and small houses dominate.
Right at the point where the city ends, the gardens of the oasis start.

Kharga Oasis, Egypt

At the very northern end of the Kharga Oasis. Tents are put up for workers in the palm groves taking a rest.

Kharga Oasis, Egypt

By Tore Kjeilen