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1. Bagawat Necropolis

2. Interiors of Bagawat

3. Temple of Hibis

4. Temple of Nadura

5. Qasr el-Ghweita

6. Qasr el-Zayan

7. Ain Umm Dabadib

8. Qasr el-Labeka

9. Ed-Deir

10. Modern oasis city


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Eat and Sleep
Kharga has a nice little collection of hotels of good value. There are options both for travellers on a budget, and those with comfort in mind.
Eating in the one of the hotels is not a bad choice in Kharga. Otherwise there are cheap and basic restaurants around town.

There are air flights between Kharga and Cairo twice a week, and with rather inflated prices.
The best way of getting to or from Kharga is with bus. There are of course good connections with Assyut. Many of these buses are heading all the way for Cairo. There are also fair connections with Dakhla, and from there to the other oases, Farafra and Bahariyya.
Service taxis are quicker and not much more expensive. They operate on two destinations only, Dakhla and Assyut, but from both places further connections are easily arranged.

Going Next
230 km north: Assyut: Bustling of modern and old
190 km west: Dakhla: The remote and genuine oasis
90 km south: Paris: The forgotten oasis
120 km south: Dush: The wealthy slave metropolis

By Tore Kjeilen