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Valley of Kings

38. Tutankhamun

39. Ramses 9

40. Ramses 6

41. Ramses 3

42. Ramses 4

43. Ramses 2

44. Merneptah

45. Horemheb

46. Amenophis 2

47. Tawsert/ Sethnakht

48. Siptah

49. Tuthmosis 3

50. Seti 2

51. Seti 1

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Valley of the Kings: Ramses 2

Luxor, Egypt: Valley of the Kings

The tomb of Ramses 2 (1304-1237 BCE) is shockingly unimpressive compared to all the monuments and statues dedicated to him all over Egypt.
But the reason is simple; it is a matter of location. The tomb has several times been the victim of flash floods, leaving little of the original decorations intact.
As a matter of fact, the tomb of Ramses 2 was both one of the largest and finest decorated in the entire valley.
The tomb is formed like an F, with the burial chamber furthest in. All in all, are there no less than 6 pillared rooms, the largest with 8 columns. It is the first to have a sunken central area in the burial chamber. The burial chamber also has a vaulted ceiling.
Luxor, Egypt: Valley of the Kings

By Tore Kjeilen