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Valley of Kings

38. Tutankhamun

39. Ramses 9

40. Ramses 6

41. Ramses 3

42. Ramses 4

43. Ramses 2

44. Merneptah

45. Horemheb

46. Amenophis 2

47. Tawsert/ Sethnakht

48. Siptah

49. Tuthmosis 3

50. Seti 2

51. Seti 1

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Valley of the Kings: Horemheb

Luxor, Egypt: Valley of the Kings

Horemheb was general and the strongest individual in the administration of the pharaohs Tutankhamun and Ay. His position was so strong that he managed to install himself as pharaoh after Ay's death. He ruled Egypt from 1348 until 1320, and as he had no heir he become the last ruler of the 18th dynasty.
The layout of his tomb was used as pattern for Seti 1's tomb constructed about 30 years later. Seti's received much richer decorations.
The tomb has a steep descending corridor without any decorations. At the bottom lies a well room where there are rich wall decorations, with great details and colours. The central deities here are Hathor, Isis, Osiris, Horus and Anubis. Maat protects the entrance to the burial chamber.
The most interesting with the burial chamber is that many of the wall paintings are unfinished, leaving a valuable documentation on the work process.
The walls contain the Book of the Dead, while the sarcophagus has a relief of the goddess Nut.
Luxor, Egypt: Valley of the Kings

By Tore Kjeilen