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Valley of Kings

38. Tutankhamun

39. Ramses 9

40. Ramses 6

41. Ramses 3

42. Ramses 4

43. Ramses 2

44. Merneptah

45. Horemheb

46. Amenophis 2

47. Tawsert/ Sethnakht

48. Siptah

49. Tuthmosis 3

50. Seti 2

51. Seti 1

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Valley of the Kings: Seti 2

Luxor, Egypt: Valley of the Kings

The tomb of Seti 2 (1216-1210 BCE) is marked by the fact that he died before its completion. It is only near the entrance that we find sunk-reliefs of the quality intended for the entire grave. In the rest of the grave we find only paintings and outline drawings.
Due to the restricted time, the burial chamber was never dug out. Instead the innermost passage room was used as the pharaoh's last stop before his passage into the underworld. But a dignitary had his mummy put into the tomb of Amenophis 2, and made sure that his own mummy was put into Seti's burial chamber. But his journey into eternity was stopped, as thieves plundered the grave, leaving only the sarcophagus.
Even if the artistic quality is not up to the best in the valley, you will still enjoy watching out for some scenes. In the antechamber there are some interesting images of the pharaoh riding on a panther, as well as one where he hunts while standing in a papyrus boat. In the burial chamber you will see a fine picture of Nut with outstretched wings.
Luxor, Egypt: Valley of the Kings

Luxor, Egypt: Valley of the Kings

By Tore Kjeilen