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Always the junction

The attraction of Suez is more in the name and its location, than in the city's real appeal. Suez is simple a very, very ugly city. A product of being right in the middle of several wars. Hastily buildings had to be rebuilt, and nobody knew when the next war would roll over this strategic location at the southern mouth of the Suez Canal.
Still, Suez is a very friendly place, it is like the people have made a pact that what lacks in architecture is to be compensated with human warmth.

Suez, Egypt

Suez does have some local attractions for those staying here. Boat watching down at the port is the most obvious, but the canal being wide at this point, not all come as close to the Suez side as you could hope for.
In town, there is a suuq with a few old quarters. The Convent of the Good Chapel Sisters from 1872 represents one of few surviving examples of architecture from the early days of the Suez Canal Company. There are still a few nuns living here. Next to the convent is the Statue of Our Lady, which is the centre of a pilgrimage attracting Christians from all over Egypt.

Eat and Sleep
Suez has a good range of hotels, but far less of restaurants. Still, for a night, there is everything you need.
Hotels range from cheap, but not rock-bottom cheap. to fairly expensive. Value for money is best at the cheaper half of the scale.
Restaurants are mainly simple and cheap, but menus can be far more impressive than the look of the joint. Seafood can be very good in Suez.

As for getting to Suez, and out, things cannot be better. It is the southernmost junction between the Sinai and main Egypt, close to the Nile Delta and Cairo. Virtually any destination can be easily reached from Suez by bus, or in many cases, also, by shared taxi.
Examples of destinations: Port Said, 2 hours north, has 6 daily connections. Cairo, 2 hours to the west, has between 20 and 30 daily connections. Luxor, 6 hours south, has 6 daily connections. Sharm el-Sheikh, 4-8 hours southeast, has 6 daily buses.
Suez has ferry connections to both Saudi Arabia and Sudan, proving mainly for migrant workers and Muslim pilgrims.

Going Next
115 km north: Ismailia
230 km north: Port Said
230 km north: Port Fuad
130 km west: Cairo
365 km south: Sharm el-Sheikh
260 km east: Taba
320 km southeast: Nuweiba
385 km southeast: Dahab
320 km south: El-Gouna
365 km south: Hurghada

By Tore Kjeilen