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The religious centre

Al-Bayda might not be much intended on tourism, but it happens to be the best base for those exploring the great ruins of Cyrene, Apollonia, and Slonta. And the town is nice enough. It has a number of colonial-style buildings, and an influential Islamic university. The religious importance of Al-Bayda runs back to it being the centre of the Sanussiyy movement, which has had central formative importance for modern Libya.

Al-Bayda, Libya

Eat and Sleep
Two good hotels. Many good restaurants. Value for money is quite good in Al-Bayda.

Buses and taxis connects Al-Bayda effectively with the rest of Libya. For longer travels, one does first set out for Benghazi. As always taxis, are the best means of communication.

Going Next
25 km south: Slonta
25 km east: Cyrene
100 km east: Derna
40 km northeast: Apollonia
175 km southwest: Benghazi

By Tore Kjeilen