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1. Old quarters

2. Palace of the Dux

3. Theatre

4. Roman baths

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Sea side Greek ruins

Apollonia, Libya

Apollonia, Libya

While the ancient Greek port of Apollonia has had much of its structures disappear from landslides, it remains a very attractive place, although not impressive like is the case with Leptis Magna and Sabratha.
Apollonia served as the port of Cyrene, 18 km away, and the landscape between the two sites would alone defend the detour out here. Apollonia is a Greek settlement that is very much formed according to the topography, with a beach cut by rugged rocks, inland from it there are hills, all giving Apollonia a very nice setting. Apollonia has several churches, a small theatre carved into the rocks, public baths.
The museum of Apollonia is small and friendly, but there will be more exhibited here when excavations of Apollonia are more completed. Still the acropolis remains unexcavated. There are also underwater ruins, that can only be explored by getting a trip with a local boat. Snorkeling is sadly, but understandably, not allowed.

Apollonia, Libya

Eat and Sleep
There is one beach hotel near Apollonia. This is also the only alternative for eating.

Taxis run between Susa (Apollonia) and Shahat (Cyrene).

Going Next
3 km west: Susa
20 km southwest: Cyrene
40 km southwest: Al-Bayda

By Tore Kjeilen