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Mosque of the conical domes

Awjila, Libya

Awjila, Libya

The oasis of Awjila has been of great regional importance since long. Both an important stop for caravans between the coast and Fezzan, and a producer of high-quality dates. It connects with Jalu, 25 km further out into Sahara.
Awjila has two main attractions. The Great Mosque of Atiq has unusual conical domes made from mud-brick and limestone. The other attraction is the Mausoleum of Abdullah ibn Ali Sarh, who was the leader of the Islamic conquest of these regions in the 7th century.
Awjila is one of few centres of a living Berber culture in Libya, and Berber is still spoken here.

Eat and Sleep
There are no reports of any accommodation in Awjila.

There is transport passing through Awjila. Much of this is private, and there is no rule to whether you will be offered a seat in any of the cars; even less certain if there are any free seats.

Going Next
25 km southeast: Jalu
280 km northwest: Ajdabiyya
620 km south: Kufra

By Tore Kjeilen