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Berber hilltop village

Derj, Libya

Derj, Libya

Old Derj is now completely abandoned in favour of a standard modern village. The old quarters are definitely worth a stop. Its lack of fame relates to it being after the villages of Nafusa Mountains, which are more appealing. Yet, passing by on your way to Ghadames, take an hour to walk around Derj. It may not be there for much longer time.
It is nicely set above the oasis, and a few quarters still look as it did when the locals still lived here.

Derj, Libya

Eat and Sleep
There is the basic Tsawa Hotel, which also serves simple food.

Derj is an important junction in this part of Libya. From Derj, the roads fork out to either Nalut, Ghadames or Qaryat (from where you easily connect to everything central or east of Libya).

Going Next
100 km west: Ghadames
210 km north: Nalut
540 km northeast: Tripoli

Other spellings / Darj; Dirj

By Tore Kjeilen