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Kufra Oasis

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Source of Great Man-Made River

Kufra Oasis, Libya

Kufra Oasis, Libya

Kufra Oasis, Libya

Kufra is as far away as you can get in Libya. It's reported that nothing has been done to meet the tourist's needs. With reservations / There are no hotels here.
Kufra is an oasis based on enormous underground water reservoirs. While it once was started large expansion schemes for the region, the economy in it has made the Libyan governments turn to the unique Great Man-Made River. Great Man-Made River is going to bring water through pipelines from Kufra to the coastal areas. Only a strong economy as the Libyan could afford a plan like this, but the whole thing seems to become far more expensive than once planned.

Eat and Sleep
There is one hotel, which is very basic. There are several cheap restaurants in town centre.

Kufra connects to other urban centres by flights or by buses. According to the last report, there were 3 flights a week to Benghazi, and one to Tripoli. More departures with bus. To Benghazi it takes 13 hours, to Tripoli 22 hours.

Going Next
620 km north: Awjila
900 km northwest: Ajdabiyya
1050 km northwest: Benghazi
1600 km northwest: Tripoli

By Tore Kjeilen