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The Sultan's palace

Murzuq, Libya

Murzuq, Libya

Murzuq was a couple of centuries ago the capital of a fairly extensive sultanate, covering much of Fezzan. Stories told by Western travellers from the time are not always credible, but it is quite probable that many visitors, Africans or Westerners, were killed by the independent people. The sultan is reported to have been a "true" sultan, with haram of 40 female slaves, and eunuch guards.
The sultan's palace is still standing, and while many of the most impressive artefacts are by long gone, entering is both possible and most rewarding. A mosque nearby is very interesting as well, old with a minaret that appears to be bending after being melted by the sun. This one too, can be entered.

Eat and Sleep
Camping is the only option, as there are no hotels or hostels. Murzuq has fortunately a couple of basic restaurants.

You can take one of the infrequent shared taxis to and from Sabha, and Zuwayla.

Going Next
150 km east: Zuwayla
150 km northeast: Sabha

By Tore Kjeilen