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Village or fortress?

Tarmeisa, Libya

Tarmeisa, Libya

The mosque with its minaret almost not looking like a minaret.

This village in the Nafusa Mountains is reportedly abandoned, but fortunately, that is not completely true. With a setting that would quadruple the price of terrain, Tarmeisa may stand a chance of surviving through the dazzle of modernism that all modernising societies pass through.
Tarmeisa lets its buildings grow out of the mountain, creating a perfect unity of man and nature. Exteriors towards the barren lowlands are unadorned, but walls and interiors are white painted or chalked.
Paranoia or not, the locals here prepared for the worst. First you have to cross a drawbridge, which used to be closed every night. The entrance to the village itself is through underground tunnels.
A few houses have interiors looking very much like it used to be when locals still lived here. The Bridal Room is the best preserved.

Tarmeisa, Libya

The Bridal Room.

Eat and Sleep
Absolutely nothing. The closest place with amenities is Jadu.

Nothing, arrange for your own transportation. The best place to begin and return is again Jadu.

Going Next
25 km west: Jadu
65 km west: Qasr el-Haj
75 km east: Yefren
100 km west: Kabaw

By Tore Kjeilen