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1. Jamahiriya Museum, part 1

2. Jamahiriya Museum, part 2

3. Tripoli Castle

4. Medina and suuqs

5. Aurelian Arch

6. Gurgi Mosque

7. Other medina mosques

8. Karamanli house

9. Italian cathedral

10. Modern city

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Still the White Bride

Tripoli, Libya

Tripoli, Libya

Tripoli continues to be one of the most beautiful cities along the Mediterrenean Sea. The seaside promenade in the modern part is impressive, but perhaps a little bit sterile. Sterility is good and bad in Tripoli, at the same time. Commercials are not choking it's charm, but there could have been more activity going on.
Tripoli has a friendly, where the merchants are almost not aiming at selling souvenirs to foreigners. If it was possible, the Libyans here are even more friendly than Libyans in general, and they are not going for your money. This has to do with Libyas economy being far better than in the poorer neighbour countries, but not so heaped up that old traditions have lost its true content. Tripoli's old city is a must for female travellers wanting to get away from the showers of dirty proposals common in neighbouring Tunisia.
The Libyan national museum, the Jamahiriya Museum, is highly recommended, and perhaps the main attracation of Tripoli. Delightfully arranged, it is far less of the air-less box museums often are.
After walking around town all day (driving will drive you mad), you don't have to leave town to get a dip. The beaches of Tripoli are there just in front of you, and clean enough to take a swim.

Tripoli, Libya

Eat and Sleep
If you have the money, Tripoli offers excellent services for accommodation, but except for the US$7 per night beds-in-dormitory hostel, the rock bottom prices for hotels start at around US$40. From that point of, all categories are covered up till the level of US$200 per night. All these prices are according to official exchange rates.
One would have expected more restaurants in Tripoli, you often will have to wait for a table, but things are rapidly improving. Prices start at the very affordable, around US$6 for a full plate up to US$60 in the more posh restaurants. For more charming eating, head up to the old town, where quality often can compare with the very best restaurants, at a fraction of the price.

With the consistent lack of spare parts for Libya's air fleet, one should certainly avoid using air planes while travelling inside of Libya. This is sad, as the country's system is very well developed, and cheap.

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By Tore Kjeilen