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Wadi Kuf

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The forested valley

Wadi al-Kuf, Libya

Wadi al-Kuf, Libya

Wadi al-Kuf in the Akhdar Mountains stretches for about 8 km, falling from west to east. As you descend, the cliffs rise higher and higher above you. There are plenty of caves, many have been used by man throughout history. Sometimes during war, like in 1927 when locals resisted Italian occupation of Cyrenaica.
The nature of the valley is stunning considering how Libyan is elsewhere. At times you feel that you're in Europe.

Wadi al-Kuf, Libya

Eat and Sleep
Nothing. This is best arranged for in Al-Bayda.

There is nothing in or out of Wadi al-Kuf, except shared taxis passing by.

Going Next
20 km west: Qasr Libya
20 km southeast: Slonta
25 km northeast: Al-Bayda

By Tore Kjeilen