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Wadi Shatti

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River of oases

The Wadi Shatti is among the least explored areas of Fezzan, but should you decide to go travelling here, there will be more than enough to fill a couple of days of experiences. One of the main attractions are the mud-brick houses, which in most cases now have been abandoned.
Brak is the main oasis of Wadi Shatti, and it has a couple of interesting military sites, like the Ottoman fort which now has been turned into a small but good museum, and the Italian fort which is now used as police station. The palmeraie and the old village are easy to access.
There are more villages when travelling further to the west. Nature is wild, but not as scenic as in many other parts of Libya. However, the total lack of any other Western tourists, will add to the attraction of Wadi Shatti.

Eat and Sleep
One hostel in Brak, that is only open for men. Most prefer to camp. No restaurants, but food should be possible to buy from some of the stalls in the major villages.

Buses between Brak and both Tripoli and Gharyan. Shared taxis connect Brak with Sabha.

Going Next
80 km south: Sabha
550 km north: Gharyan
650 km north: Tripoli

By Tore Kjeilen