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Ain Draham

Ain Draham

1. The forest

2. Around the town


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Hotels and alternatives
One medium standard hotel in town, together with a youth hostel. Out of town, you'll find hotels aiming at hunting tourists. These offer better standard, but no luxury. Their main attraction is the setting in the forest.

Restaurants and alternatives
An Draham is one of the few places in North Africa where you can get pork on the menu. This is in the better hotels, and only in season.
There are enough restaurants in town to give you a real choice. Value for money is normal for Tunisia.

Nothing. Not even the better hotels offer much of night life, except having licensed restaurants.

Change Money
The town has several banks, where you can make cash withdrawals on your VISA or MasterCard, in addition to change foreign currencies.

OK connections with bus. You can travel to Tabarka, Beja, Jendouba (near Bulla Regia), Bizerte or Tunis. Note, that there aren't many departures per day.

By Tore Kjeilen