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Ain Tounga

Ain Tounga

1. Amphitheatre

2. Smashed theatre

3. Market with child footprints

4. Capitol of needles

5. Baths, not a church


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Ain Tounga
Capitol of needles
Ain Tounga, Tunisia

Ain Tounga, Tunisia

Ain Tounga, Tunisia

The temple on top of the market creates a strange silhuette, with its 5 needles, or rather the carrying parts of the original walls of the temple. This calls for some attention, the rest of the walls must have been made by small stones, possibly the same as the ones of the outer wall of the theatre.
Also, take a look at the bits and pieces in front of the temple. A few columns (like the one on the lower photo) predates Roman times, and are impressingly large and well-crafted.

By Tore Kjeilen