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1. The kasbah

2. Around the suuq

3. Religious buildings

4. The green landscape


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The kasbah
The kasbah of Beja, Tunisia

The kasbah has been off-limits for years, since it was in the middle of a military base. All that is about to change, and with my last visit to Beja in 2005, the soldiers had been replaced by craftsmen reconstructing the old fortress. Before the guardian threw me out, he told me that it would open properly in 2006 or 2007.
The kasbah has been rebuilt numerous times. The original fortress was Byzantine, but the present one is predominantly 19th century.
The kasbah has been delightful sight from a distance, and I expect that the views from its platform are going to be quite stunning.

The kasbah of Beja, Tunisia

The best preserved tower, seen from the inside of the formerly closed military camp.

By Tore Kjeilen