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1. The old port

2. City scenes

3. Corniche - the beach

4. Fish market

4. The Spanish fort


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The old port
Bizerte, Tunisia

The fortifications of the kasbah.

Bizerte, Tunisia

Bizerte's Great Mosque, with its low octagonal minaret.

In modern times, that is since 1895, a straight and wide canal has connected the Bizerte Lake with the Mediterranean Sea. Before that, in times of Ottoman dominance or the time of the sea pirates, a smaller port passed through further north. Around this, the part of town which still feels like the true centre, was established.
Of this today, two fortresses still guard the entrance, the smaller one called ksiba, the larger known by the standard name of kasbah. Both stand out as very visually attractive, especially when you throw in the views of the port of the medina as well.
There was for a long time a small island in the centre of the medina, covering the area of the main markets in down town. For centuries this little island served as the main quarters of European tradesmen.
The Great Mosque of Bizerte dates back to 1652, and is located unusually close to the sea. This reflects the good fortifications of the city.
Bizerte, Tunisia

From atop the corner fortress, protecting the entrance to the bay of Bizerte and the kasbah behind.

By Tore Kjeilen