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1. The old port

2. City scenes

3. Corniche - the beach

4. Fish market

4. The Spanish fort


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City scenes
Bizerte, Tunisia

Bizerte, Tunisia

Bizerte, Tunisia

Bizerte is definitely the town you best enjoy from a little distance. Where the port appears as white and well-designed, a closer look into the areas will be disappointing to many. As a matter of fact, many other Tunisian towns have more of those narrow streets, whitewashed walls broken only by iron-clad widows and richly ornamented and painted wooden doors.
Still, a look around is worth it! Look especially for the 17th century Great Mosque and its adjacent two zawiyyas.
The markets just behind the port are interesting shows of the variety of fruits and fish of this region.

Bizerte, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen