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Bulla Regia

Bulla Regia

1. Underground palace

2. Humbler mansions

3. House of Amphitrite

4. Memmian baths

5. Toilets, fresh air and water

6. The theatre

7. The Forum


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Humbler mansions

Bulla Regia, Tunisia

Looking down at the House of Treasure, which is just a nickname, it was really an ordinary home.

Bulla Regia, Tunisia

While Bulla Regia's fame rests with the underground houses, these must have been expensive to build. Until now, only 7 have been excavated.
Most of Bulla Regia's inhabitants had to live above ground in houses which were solid, but usually simple in style.
There are a few of them with very nice mosaics, indicating that many well-off families could only dream of a house like the House of the Hunt.
Bulla Regia, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen