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Cap Serrat

Cap Serrat

1. Beautiful beach


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Hotels and alternatives
Nothing. This is a place where you bring your own tent. But there are some straw huts along the eastern part of the beach, that can be used by someone bringing a sleeping bag.

Restaurants and alternatives
There are 2 extremely basic, but friendly, restaurants/cafés just up from the beach.

Actually yes. People gather down at the beach, or invite each other over for a coffee and a chat. But there is nothing like a bar or disco.

Change Money
Nothing. You will have to go back to the main road, to the city Sedjenane.

No public transport. But anyone with a free seat in the car will take you in for the ride up to/from Sedjenane. From here, you can get a seat in a shared taxi or on a bus, going in direction of either Tabarka or Mateur.

By Tore Kjeilen